Total Bank Meltdown

It’s coming folks. Kashkari, the man who convinced Bush in 2008 to “abandon our free market system principles to save the free market system” destroying our nation forever is now pressing for a move to officially nationalize the banks. In a video from the communist Kashkari says, “I believe that we need to complete the important work that my colleagues are doing so that at a minimum we are as prepared as we can be to deal with an individual large bank failure. But given the enormous cost that would be associated with another financial crisis and a lack of certainty about whether these new tools would be effective in dealing with one I believe that we must seriously consider bolder transformational options… Breaking up the large banks into smaller, less connected, less important entities; turning large banks into public utilities by forcing them to hold so much capital they virtually can’t fail with regulation… ; taxing leverage throughout the financial system to reduce systemic risks where ever they lie… The financial sector has lobbied hard to preserve its current structure and thrown up endless objections to fundamental change…”

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