Know Thy Enemy – Marcuse and Feminism

As part of effort to compile source material I am compiling material which I find quite offensive including Marxist propaganda. Part of the goal is to demonstrate that feminism is not in the least bit an equality movement, but that is it instead a violent conquest movement as feminism is one front of communist domination of the entire world. For this purpose I am providing a document written by Herbert Marcuse. Marcuse was a notoriously evil man as a member of the Frankfurt School as a member of The Institute for Social Research (Institute für Sozialforschung) in Frankfurt am Main. His commitment to Marxist ideology is unquestioned and he supported feminism as part of the revolutionary Marxist movement to destroy social order and the family and establish a new morality as this document will prove. He writes “I believe that we men have to pay for the sins of a patriarchal civilization and its tyranny of power…Feminist socialism will have to develop its own morality, which will be more, and other, than the mere cancellation of bourgeois morality.” There can be no question that feminism is an an anti-Christian atheist Marxist movement as the documents I am compiling will prove. For now I give you “Marxism and Feminism” by Herbert Marcuse.

Marxism and Feminism” by Herbert Marcuse.