Know Thy Enemy. E. Belfort Bax

Ernest Belfort Bax (23 July 1854 – 26 November 1926) was a socialist barrister and fanatical anti-christ who turned his attention to male rights issues as an anti-feminist. I present to you a reasonable facsimile of his book “Legal Subjection of Men” second edition (first edition published 1896 and second 1908) to prove the connection between atheism, communism, socialism, the New Age movement (the second edition was published by a company called New Age Books whose slogan identifies itself with the mark of the beast for the slogan was “THE MARK OF A GOOD BOOK.” and the eugenic and feminist movements for the advertisements in the end of the book spell out the connections plainly as does the text. The work of Bax could be said to be the argument against feminism from the communist left. It is no wonder that he is hailed as a hero by the radical MGTOW and anti-feminist movement whose leaders are almost entirely economic Marxists and radical anti-christian atheists who condemn and shun “traditionalism” and “traditionalists.”

E. Belfort Bax – Legal Subjection of Men – setting by Jeremiah Embs