Fixing 3d Printer USB Port in Linux

Often when you first setup your 3d printer in linux and try out a program like pronterface or whatever you’ll get an error message that you can’t connect to the USB port or /dev/ttyUSB[whatever number]. This is because the current user doesn’t have the proper permissions to access the port that way. It’s easy to fix. From a terminal run the command…

sudo adduser $USER dialout

and enter your super user password. This gives the current user the correct permissions. You’ll have to reboot if automatic login is enabled or logout and then back in if automatic login is not enabled before you can use your printer, but once done it’ll work like it does in Windows. Tip: Usually the baud speed for 3d printers is 115200 but the port which is listed as /dev/ttyUSB0[or whatever number] can vary. Good programs like pronterface autodetect the correct port.