Bob and Sam Scripts

These are scripts written for a dual puppet presentation for church ministry. Eventually I’d like to write enough of them that I can gather them all into a single book for sale, but for now I will just post some samples. The two characters are intellectual property, so if you use the script for your ministry please change the names of the characters.

Sample Script #1

Proverbs 18:24 A man that hath friends must shew himself friendly: and there is a friend that sticketh closer than a brother.

Bob: Hi everyone.

Sam: Hi Bob. It’s great to see you. And all of you too! [waves to crowd]

Bob: Yep. I love being with all my friends. Even you Sam.

Sam: Uh, Thanks Bob. Speaking of friends I was wondering if you made any new friends lately.

Bob: Well it’s not easy to make new friends but I try.

Sam: That’s great! How do you try to make new friends Bob?

Bob: Well I always carry a lot of money around and when I need a friend I just show people how much money I have and if that doesn’t work I buy them something.

Sam: Oh no Bob, you can’t do that.

Bob: Why not?

Sam: Because that’s not how you make friends. Those kind of friends are not really friends at all.

Bob: They aren’t?

Sam: No Bob. Those kinds of people just want to use you for your money. They’ll just leave you alone when you run out of money. Real friends don’t care if you are rich or poor. They love you just the same.

Bob: I see. That’s probably true. I should beat them up huh?

Sam: No Bob. That’s not going to get you any friends either. People don’t like to be friends with a bully.

Bob: Oh Sam, you are making this really hard. I don’t know any other ways to make friends.

Sam: Well the Bible says that people that have friends have to be friendly. That’s probably a good start.

Bob: Ya, friendly. I’ll be friendly.

Sam: That’s great Bob!

Bob: Ya. That’s great! Uh… but Sam…?

Sam: Yes Bob?

Bob: I don’t know how to be friendly.

Sam: Oh. Well that’s probably why you have trouble making new friends.

Bob: I guess so. But what can I do about it? You said money isn’t the way to make friends and you said that if I beat people up they won’t like me so I guess I have to be friendly, but I don’t know how.

Sam: That’s okay Bob. Nobody knows how to be friendly at first. It’s something you have to learn.

Bob: Oh. Like in college?

Sam: Hopefully you’ll learn how to be friendly a long time before that.

Bob: Oh. Like in high school?

Sam: Younger would be better.

Bob: Oh. Like in… [interrupted]

Sam: … like right away Bob. You can start learning now. I’ll teach you. It’s really not that hard. It just takes practice.

Bob: Hmm. I guess I could give it a shot. Will I need a ruler?

Sam: Doubtful.

Bob: Will I need an pencil?

Sam: Unlikely.

Bob: Will I need an eraser?

Sam: Now why would you need an eraser if you don’t have a pencil?

Bob: Cause everybody makes mistakes Sam.

Sam: Ugh!

Bob: Will I need a textbook?

Sam: I’m starting to think it couldn’t hurt.

Bob: Will I need a piece of paper?

Sam: You just need to pay attention.

Bob: I thought you said I couldn’t buy friends with money Sam.

Sam: [Sam shakes head] [Bob laughs]

Bob: Sam?

Sam: Yes Bob?

Bob: Are you my friend?

Sam: Yes I am Bob.

Bob: Great it worked. Lesson is over. [turns around to leave]

Sam: Wait a minute Bob. [puts hand on Bob’s shoulder and drags him back and turns him around] You’ve got a lot to learn, but actually you are off to a good start. Telling a few jokes can make you seem more friendly.

Bob: It can?

Sam: Sure! You are always joking around Bob. That’s one of the reasons I like being your friend. You cheer me up!

Bob: Ya, I guess so. But not everybody is funny. Can serious people make friends too?

Sam: Of course. For most people a more formal introduction is the best approach.

Bob: A formal introduction? What’s that?

Sam: That’s when you say hello to a stranger and tell them your name and ask for theirs.

Bob: You mean like when people shake hands?

Sam: Yep. It’s the customary way of learning a stranger’s name and it’s very polite.

Bob: Ahhhh. So what is your name Sam?

Sam: I think you already know it Bob.

Bob: Of course I do, but how do you know mine. We haven’t been introduced.

Sam: I think we have Bob.

Bob: Not formally.

Sam: Well informally.

Bob: Well for your formal information my formal name is not Bob.

Sam: I’m pretty sure that it is.

Bob: No, it is Mr. Bob.

Sam: Ah. Then I am Mr. Sam.

Bob: It is a pleasure to meet you Mr. Sam.

Sam: And it is a pleasure to meet you Mr. Bob. [they shake hands]

Bob: I think I’m getting the hang of this.

Sam: Yes you are quite the gentleman.

Bob: I suppose I am. Perhaps I will be more serious from now on.

Sam: I doubt that.

Bob: Mr. Bob was offended by that.

Sam: You are speaking in the third person now?

Bob: I see no third person. Only you and I. And I eye us both.

Sam: I eye?

Bob: Hurry and raise the flag pirate Sam! We have a vessel to loot!

Sam: Ugh. I walked into that one.

Bob: You’ll be walking off the plank if ye don’t obey me orders!

Sam: Well you’ll have no trouble making friends by telling jokes and you seem to understand formal introductions for those times when being serious is best. But do you know the next step?

Bob: Stepping off the plank arrggh!

Sam: Exactly. It’s finding something in common.

Bob: Ya! Wait what?

Sam: [turns towards the audience and cups his mouth to throw a whisper] That shook him up. Yes, after introductions it’s always good to find something that you share in common with your new friend. For example the first time I met Bob I learned he liked to play pirates and I told him that I do too. And then we played all day together and we have been friends ever since.

Bob: Oh yeah! I remember that. Is that why you try to find out what you have in common? So you can find things to do together?

Sam: Of course. Friends aren’t fun if you never play together.

Bob: I see. So I do know how to make friends! I already did it that time with you!

Sam: Of course you did Bob.

Bob: And I didn’t have to pay you to be my friend either did I?

Sam: Nope. I to be honest I was a little scared that day because I was the new kid. I was actually pretty scared you were going to beat me up.

Bob: I didn’t know that! I was scared of you too!

Sam: We all are scared about making new friends at first, but I’m so glad that didn’t stop you from taking the first step when you came up to me and told me that joke about the banana. I laughed so hard that I almost fell over.

Bob: Ya, I have a million banana jokes.

Sam: And it helped because I became your friend after that just because you were so friendly to me and now I can’t imagine my life without you.

Bob: We are best friends aren’t we Sam?

Sam: Arrrgh! Dat es true me matey, dat es true!

[the two play pirates together while exiting the stage]

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