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The Guitarist Study – A Self Portrait of Jeremiah Embs

Welcome friends.  Here you will find my latest art work for sale and studies, art tutorials, Biblical studies and notes, book reviews, and lots more.

Learn more about me and my art by exploring this site.  If you’d like to hire me for flatting or coloring or to have a painting commissioned email me at jeremiahembs@embscomputerart.com

Jeremiah said this: Subversion under Communist occupation is easy. By creating things of beauty that have structure and sense you upend the entire society. Each straight line, or one well composed, brings order and clarity to the abstraction. No longer can we allow the truth to hide behind obscurity.

Whitaker Chambers said this: “I wanted my wife to realize clearly one long-term penalty, for herself and for the children, of the step I was taking. I said: “You know, we are leaving the winning world for the losing world.” I meant that, in the revolutionary conflict of the 20th century, I knowingly chose the side of probable defeat. Almost nothing that I have observed, or that has happened to me since, has made me think that I was wrong about that forecast. But nothing has changed my determination to act as if I were wrong–if only because, in the last instance, men must act on what they believe right, not on what they believe probable.”


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venetianface1 handstudy#1
spikepainting1 still8
barquehead bargue1
riley lamppainting1
horsesmallskylight victorskylightsmall

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