More Knives

Here are two more knives I made a few years ago. The first is from a blade by A.G. Russell used as a patch knife in black powder shooting. The handle is oak coloured dymondwood which I carved a celtic cross into (I hate carving and cutting dymondwood. It stinks and its super hard. It’s much more like hard plastic than wood) and stained to bring out the design more. It has brass pins.

And the second is a simple letter opener done in pink dymondwood. I can’t remember if I used stainless steel pins or nickel silver. If i remember correctly I used nickel silver. I don’t think I had a stainless pin material that diameter. The blade has a chisel edge so it’s completely flat on the reverse side (the side underneath) and only edged on the facing side (the side above).

Both could use more polish, but I polished the letter opener mirror bright, but it has a few imperfections in the finish that could be removed and the patch knife is an imperfect satin finish that would need a good polish to be up to snuff, but the edge is RAZOR sharp, and a patch knife isn’t generally kept highly reflective, so I like it just as it is right now.

Both of them throw really well, but the letter opener would eventually break under that stress because of its thin design and inferior metal. It’s a trinket, not a fighting blade. But the Russell is a fine blade indeed.