Free Library

Here you will find public domain books I have collected from other sources. Some of these I have re-typeset for digital distribution or printing. I have also included some of my own work. Enjoy.

How to print these books.

Free pdf and Kindle King James Bible

Epistle Dedicatory

Free booklet of John and Romans

Declaration of Independence Booklet

Declaration of Independence Plain Text

Alexis de Tocquevilles’ – American Institutions

Erasmus – Complaint of Peace

Thomas Paine – Common Sense

Mary Shelleys’ Frankenstein

Know thy Enemy Series – Herbert Marcuse – Marxism and Feminism

Know thy Enemy Series – E Belfort Bax – Legal Subjection of Men

Some Original Work —- Nothing posted as of yet, but it’s coming…

Mixed Work — Old Books With Commentary

John Wycliffe Sermon 133





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