One of my many skills is making chainmaile and leather armour. I can not fulfill orders on a professional scale because of my arthritis, but I’ve made steel maile coifs and full steel maile shirts with sleeves (weighs 26 pounds) and various leather pieces like bracers and such. Here is a coif I made which my cousin is modeling for me (he has some viking ancestry and an average sized head so he seemed appropriate).

In the piece below the slack at the bottom under the chin allows a heavy collared shirt and padded cap to be used around the head underneath the maile. It is always better to make the maile a little larger than necessary and remove a few rings and rejoin if it is too loose for the padding rather than having it too tight. Once fitted to the user some rings can be removed and the others rejoined.

The steel is mild 14 gauge and made to have a 3/8 inch inside diameter. The trim is bronze which looks better in life than in the flash photography.

Steel Chainmaile Coif by Jeremiah Embs -

Steel Chainmaile Coif by Jeremiah Embs –

In the pictures below Sir Smiles A Lot models more maile. The full shirt with bronze trim and more fancy coif with more bronze than the one above and an Aluminum Coif also. They need polishing which makes Sir Smiles A Lot sad. :(

More Maile by Jeremiah Embs

More Maile by Jeremiah Embs