Update Elegoo Mars 2 Pro 3d resin Printer Firmware

If you are using the latest version of Chitubox you may not be able to read the cbt files it produces. They will just appear blank and you’ll probably get an empty file error if you try to print from them. You’ll have to update the firmware of your 3d resin printer to fix this. The process for updating the Elegoo Mars 2 Pro is given below.

1. Download the zipped firmware file from: https://www.elegoo.com/blogs/3d-printing/elegoo-mars-2-pro-3d-printer-support-files

The file will be called something like Firmware V4.4.3-c2_LCDC/1620X2560 /F9.25 or whatever version number the company is currently providing.

The other file you can download if you want to is called USB Drive Files (Manual & Slicing Software included), but I don’t recommend downloading it unless necessary since it’s 450 megabytes. It has the original files on the usb stick that came with the printer including sample files. It’s not necessary to have this file if you are upgrading the printer since you probably already have what you need. If not you can just download the latest version of chitubox from the chitubox website, which would be the better option to ensure you have the latest version, so unless you just happen to want the sample files too you can ignore the USB Drive Files file.

2. Now you’ll need to extract the correct files from the zip file and transfer them all onto the root directory of a USB stick. The USB stick doesn’t have to be freshly formatted or anything like that, but all the files that I will list for you must be removed from the sub-directories they were in and must be placed together in the root directory instead. This is most confusing part of the process.

The names of the files may be different depending on which update version the company is currently providing, but the file extension and the directories in which they are found should be the same. You will need these five files:

from the Machine Firmware folder you’ll need two files: update.SH4 and V2_ALFPGA_SPI_MIPI_CTB_P316_DXQ2K_L608_1620x2560_F225_V2_4_.CBD

from the UI folder you’ll need two files: Mars 2 pro_480x320.logo and ui 3.5 zhinengpai MARS 2PRO 2020909.bin

from the Travel documents folder you’ll need: mars2proChiTu Mainboard SpecificationV3.0.920200612.gcode.txt

3. Once those files are placed onto the USB stick in its root directory make sure your printer is turned off and then insert the stick into your printer and power it back on. You’ll here a couple of beeps as it automatically updates the basic firmware during which it used the update.SH4 file, but there is still one more step as you will want to make sure the rest of the files are transferred to the printer.

4. Go to the print section of your menu options and use the icon that looks like a play button to manually print each of these files in this order:


Mars 2 pro_480x320.logo

ui 3.5 zhinengpai MARS 2PRO 2020909.bin

mars2proChiTu Mainboard SpecificationV3.0.920200612.gcode.txt

5. Once that is done the firmware is updated and you can power off the printer and turn it back on and it should work with the latest version of chitubox.

Final Note: If you try to manually print the SH4 file instead of allowing the printer to automatically update itself by simply rebooting after placing the SH4 file in the root directory of the USB stick and letting it grab it from there itself during the booting process the printer may not update correctly and will instead try to lift the build plate higher than it can go causing a buzzing sound from the motor. If this happens turn your printer off immediately using the switch in the back or by unplugging it so that the motor doesn’t break. Then you can remove the USB stick and do it correctly the next time. This doesn’t happen with any of the other files, but it does for the SH4 file for some reason.