Fixing Wacom in Windows 10

If you are having trouble with the right click option in Windows 10 when using a Wacom pen you should go into the Wacom settings and disable the “Use Windows Ink” option for all programs to get rid of that stupid circle symbol that appears when you click a button, but add Photoshop and enable windows ink there since pressure sensitivity won’t work without it.

Then use the run bar to open a dialog box called “Flick” and disable “Use the Pen as a right button equivalent” and make sure the pen options are set to single tap, then on the lower right of the Windows home screen click the Windows Ink Space options “Pen and Windows Ink Settings” and turn off visual effects. Windows is horrible isn’t it?

More Information on Fixing Wacom, Photoshop, and Windows compatibility problems is at

Special Note for Photoshop 2020: If you use Photoshop 2020 you have to leave Use Windows Ink Enabled for the Photoshop application in the Wacom settings to get pressure sensitivity. But with any version before that you’ll need a different workaround. See the link above for details.