Russia Invades the Ukraine

Exactly as former Republican Vice Presidential candidate, Sarah Palin, predicted during her run for high office, the Russian military has invaded the sovereign country of Ukraine annexing the region known as the Crimea and are threatening to overthrow the Ukrainian government altogether through subterfuge. The Ukrainian military response has been entirely undermined by Russian infiltration in all responding units. Chinese and Russian tactical co-operation was evident. Just as when Russia invaded the sovereign country of Georgia during the Olympics in Beijing in 2008 the communists have used the Olympics in Sochi to distract the media and world-leaders during the invasion (violating the spirit of the games which forbids war by participates during the season) and afterwards working together to block a response from the United Nations.

Western powers have already acquiesced surrendering the territory by refusing to strike back militarily. Member states of the European Union (also known as the European Soviet Union by it’s critics) have refused to intervene proving that the European Union does not serve as an effective counter-balance to the Russian Federation. The European tradition of appeasement towards land-grabbing dictators and the presence of a communist in the White House, who refuses to lead NATO into a military conflict with the very enemy NATO was formed to confront, means that the Ukrainian people will suffer immensely in coming decades. Vladimir Putin, a former KGB agent, now the President of the Russian Federation, seeks to reform the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics (U.S.S.R or CCCP) under the Federation’s banner by forcibly expanding Russian influence over an ever expanding sphere.

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