Watercolor Sketches

Watercolor is not my favorite medium, but the easy cleanup, fast drying time, and cheap paper make it ideal for doing little sketches to capture the general idea of what I might like to do in oils later. A while back I did a quick sketch of Yoda (12×12 inches) and a Bouguereau (Les Deux Baigneuses (The Two Bathing Woman) (5×9 inches). I photographed them real quick tonight to share with everybody.

The Bouguereau wasn’t laying flat when I photographed it, but the curled paper was in a good enough position for a quick blog post without flattening it.

Bouguereau is one of my favorite artists and I have done a lot of copying from his work. I’ll show a sketch I did in oil from one of his paintings some other time. But this watercolor sketch I did is a good example of how color palettes can vary a lot affecting the mood of a painting if you compare it to the original.