Notes of Samuel Ward Discovered – A King James Bible Translator

I read in the news that there was a discovery regarding the early work of the King James translators that you may find useful in your research. I have included the links below. It appears that an early notebook of Samuel Ward in which he makes notes regarding the translation of the Apocrypha (of which he was assigned as part of the translation team) has been found in a library collection that had been cataloged as a mere commentary. The material suggests that Ward worked on his portion of the King James text in solo and that his suggestions were either adopted, rejected, or entered into the margins, and that the work was not done in collective concert in a modern democratic style. Not surprising really, but apparently that has been a matter of controversy since a relative of John Bois wrote a biography detailing that sort of process rather than a modern committee style process. Anyway, I hope this information is useful to any researchers out there that may have missed the posting in the news. The first link is the primary source and the others are media releases for public consumption.