Green Murder

Published: Apr 28, 2014 The bodies of babies killed by the practice falsely called “abortion” are being used to generate electricity. Initially this practice was discovered in England, but has been uncovered in America also.

It was learned that the corpses of children murdered in the operation falsely called “abortion” were being transported from Canada into Marion County, Oregon, USA, for incineration along with medical waste where the bodies were burned as fuel to power a generator to give local residents electricity.

In the movie, “The Matrix,” people are turned into batteries to power human-killing machines. When learning that a world-wide system of oppression perpetuates itself through the exploitation of the human body, the character, “Neo,” discovers that humans are no longer born but rather grown in fields and harvested for their body heat, which is necessary to generate electricity to maintain that oppressive system.

Since we do not know how wide-spread the real-life practice of making energy from murdered babies is we have to consider that when we turn a light on or pay our power bill we could be helping to destroy evidence of a murder and helping to perpetuate a true form of exploitation and systematic oppression called genocide.

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