Fixing Ubuntu CDROM disk mount

Ubuntu has a program called “disks” which makes mounting and unmounting drives pretty easy, but sometimes the automatic settings for mounting a drive isn’t the best and can lead to strange problems. Like sometimes when you mount a CD-ROM you’ll find the files have strange characters (chinese or japanese or something) instead of the normal english characters and the files aren’t all listed etc. This is pretty easy to fix. Go to the program “disks” which you can find in the dash menu and go click on your cd/dvd drive in the left hand column. Then you’ll see the cd rom in the right hand column. Click on the little gears icon for the settings. Click “edit mount options” and turn automatic mount options to the off position so  you can change them. The first box says, “mount at startup,” the second “show in user interface,” the third “require additional authorization to mount,” the fourth “display name,” the fifth, “icon name,” the sixth “symbolic icon name” AND THE SEVENTH is a list of options. That’s the part you need. After one of the commas add “utf8,” that’s utf8 followed by a comma (make sure there is no comma at the end of the line though) and click okay and exit the disks program. Eject your cd and put it back in. It should work now.