Free Booklet of John and Romans


This PDF file is a free booklet of the books of the Bible of John and Romans. It begins with a salvation message. It is a perfect way to share the gospel with others and because of it’s size it is also good to keep when a full New Testament or full Bible is difficult to carry. Please feel free to print and redistribute as many copies as you like provided that you provide them free of charge and the file remains unchanged. The volume can be printed and bound as a single signature and the last page. To print the booklet selecting the “booklet” option in some printing software.

Click Here to Download a Free Copy of the Books of John and Romans.


To Print Correctly in your print settings choose letter sized paper and brochure mode if that option is available. That’s the easiest way to do it.

If that option is not available for your printer or software choose landscape mode and choose print two pages per sheet.

Using that method however you’ll need to use commas between the page numbers you want to print to manually print only certain pages at a time.

You should print the first page with the last page (always rounding up the last page number to the next even number if the document has an uneven amount of pages which will force the printer to print a blank page at the end if necessary) and then without flipping the paper over you will reinsert and print the second page of the document with the second to last page etc., until you reach the middle of the document.

That would be to say: On the first page print pages 1,64 then reinsert that paper into the print and print pages 2,63. Then on the next piece of paper print 2, 62 and after reinserting the paper print 3, 61. So you will be counting up with the first number and counting down with the second number. Continue until you reach the middle of the document.

You’ll know when you get there because the pages will be two that would be in their correct sequential order like 32,33 or whatever. Where ever that happens represents the center of the booklet.

In case you are curious you can find that number ahead of time as the total page count divided in half and then you just include that number with the next page. So like 64/2 =  so 32,33 would be the pages you would need to print to create the center page. You could also explain the process of finding the center pages as finding Y if total page count minus Y should leave you with Y. In this case 64 pages minus 32 leaves you with 32 so the middle of the document will be pages 32,33 so that there are 32 pages before the center and 32 after.

(Tip: Remember that the numbered pages you might read in the corner of the document are not the only pages of the document. There are title pages and such.)

(Tip: To make a proper booklet/brochure you want your total page count including blank pages to be a multiple of four.)

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