Free Booklet of John and Romans


This PDF file is a free booklet of the books of the Bible of John and Romans. It begins with a salvation message. It is a perfect way to share the gospel with others and because of it’s size it is also good to keep when a full New Testament or full Bible is difficult to carry. Please feel free to print and redistribute as many copies as you like provided that you provide them free of charge and the file remains unchanged. The volume can be printed and bound as a single signature and the last page. To print the booklet selecting the “booklet” option in some printing software.

Click Here to Download a Free Copy of the Books of John and Romans.


additional notes about printing manually not complete, ignore for now

Choose to print two pages per side in landscape layout mode, set the page ordering to left to right, and instruct the computer to print page 1 only for the first step. The computer will automatically add a blank page to the first sheet if necessary.

Next use the same settings, but tell the computer to print all pages from 2 until the last page (in this case 2-59) and only print odd sheets. The computer will print a stack of papers.

Now feed them back into the printer and do the same as the last step but only print even sheets.

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