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Maintaining Infrastructure, Cable Line and Cyber Security, Server Maintenance, 3d CAD Digital Designer and Parts Printer, Expert Digital Artist, Comic Book Colorist, Flatter, Modeler, Level Editor

I am a saved Christian

Besides maintaining computer infrastructure as I do currently I also have worked on books from every major comic book company including Marvel, DC, Dark Horse, Avatar, Archie, MoonStone, the now defunct Crossgen, etc.  I also flatted the pages which were colored by Dean White used for the special effects for the KickAss movie and have set up comic book production studios and managed teams of artists and graphic designers to get products from idea to print. I also design and produce 3d printed parts to maintain machines when parts are difficult to get.

How many comic book pages pages have I worked on?  Well if I started counting in the year 2002 as of 3/31/2024 I have worked on 11,301 comic book pages.  And boy are my arms tired! (To put that into perspective the longest eleven Stephen King novels together are around 9,152 pages together. And since an average comic book has 22 pages I’ve completed around 513.68 full comic books and am still going strong finishing multiple books every month.)

Besides doing coloring, lettering, digital inking, layout, line art restoration, and color restoration as far as I know I am one of only two comic book flatters to be given credit in comic books for flatting.

Those credits were for the comic book series Witchblade (issues #72, 73, 74) for Top Cow in 2003-2004 while working for the colorist Brian Buccellato.

I am politically on the right side.

I am a master of Adobe Photoshop and I’m expert in 3dsmax, Rhinoceros, GIMP, Adobe After Affects, Adobe Premier, Microsoft Office and Open Office, HotDog, DreamWeaver, PageMaker, etc., etc.

I can also do custom graphic cartography (map making) for table-top RPGs (Role Playing Games) and can do level editing in both Unreal and Quake based engines, and can do photo retouching in Photoshop.

I also do traditional art such as classical oil painting including portraits and still life work with paint I often make from my own hand ground pigments.

I have programming abilities as well.  C++, Java, Perl, and Visual Basic.  I run a dual-boot Windows and Linux machine and have always built my computers from parts.

I read quickly and will post book reviews at my website and blog whenever I can.

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