About Jeremiah Embs

Expert Digital Artist, Comic Book Colorist, Flatter, Modeler, Level Designer, Painter, etc.

I am a saved Christian

I have worked on books from every major comic book company including Marvel, DC, Dark Horse, Avatar, Archie, MoonStone, the now defunct Crossgen, etc.  I also flatted the pages which were colored by Dean White used for the special effects for the KickAss movie.

How many pages have I worked on?  Well if I started counting in the year 2002 as of April Second 2017 I have worked on 7810 comic book pages.  And boy are my arms tired!

As far as I know I am one of only two comic book flatters to be given credit in comic books for flatting.

Those credits were for the comic book series Witchblade (issues #72, 73, 74) for Top Cow in 2003-2004 while working for the colorist Brian Buccellato.

I am politically on the right side.

I am a master of Adobe Photoshop and I’m expert in 3dsmax, Rhinoceros, GIMP, Adobe After Affects, Adobe Premier, Microsoft Office and Open Office, HotDog, DreamWeaver, PageMaker, etc., etc.

I can also do custom graphic cartography (map making) for table-top RPGs (Role Playing Games) and can do level editing in both Unreal and Quake based engines, and can do photo retouching in Photoshop.

I also do traditional art such as classical oil painting including portraits and still life work with paint I often make from my own hand ground pigments.

I have programming abilities as well.  C++, Java, Perl, and Visual Basic.  I run a dual-boot Windows and Linux machine and have always built my computers from parts.

I read quickly and will post book reviews at my website and blog whenever I can.

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