Custom Knife

Before my arthritis got bad I also used to make custom weapons including knives. Here is one of my projects. The blade was purchased and polished (I could have polished it more, but this level of polish was enough) and sharpened it. I used reconstituted turquoise for the handle and three steel floral mosaic pins. I bought a simple box from Walmart and lightly sanded and stained it and sealed it with linseed oil and made a custom cushion for the knife out of foam and fabric and I used this to secure the knife in place with four yellow sewing pins. I keep a little piece of genuine turquoise inside the box which I may use someday to make a silver necklace to match the knife.

What's In the Box?

What’s In the Box?

A Custom Knife by Jeremiah Embs of

A Custom Knife by Jeremiah Embs of

Details of Jeremiah Embs' knife

Details of Jeremiah Embs’ knife

Other Side of Jeremiah Embs' Knife : I'm too Legit to Quit

Other Side of Jeremiah Embs’ Knife : I’m too Legit to Quit