Freedom for the Oppressed

It appears that the government of Sweden is actively stopping the flow of information from news outlets, even that from other countries, in order to suppress anti-immigrant sentiment which threatens to unseat leftist government across Europe. Since even the only major so-called conservative American news outlet, which is Fox News, is firmly in the camp of pro-amnesty advocates, suppressing its own ties to amnesty loving Marco Rubio’s presidential campaign, failing to disclose direct connections and conflicts of interest, we can only expect this sort of active suppression of the flow of information to begin happening here as well since the mainstream media has no representative voice that matches the people’s opinion in all Western nations who oppose mass immigration and small outlets are easily intimidated into silence because they do not have the legal or financial support from teams of lawyers and donors and advertisers as the big news outlets do. has been covering this subject very well in recent weeks. See some of their articles on the subject for more information.

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