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We regularly see so-called conservative media outlets hire, employ, pay, give a platform to, endorse, promote, and cover for, atheists, satanists, communists, sodomites, idolaters, liberals, feminists, Bible-rejecting and Christian hating, writers, journalists, “personalities,” etc. The website Hot Air is apparently in this mold with a recent article promoting suicide and eternal damnation of both fathers and sons jointly. It is unscriptural Catholic doctrine that suicide leads to damnation, but the author introduced the idea of that doctrine without countering it with scripture and then cheered damnation and suicide linking the ideas together himself and cheered his own father’s supposed damnation for suicide desiring to be thrown into the fire also to join his father. He challenged someone to call his father a coward aloud. I do it gladly. He laid that challenge down to someone facing a similar dilemma as he. Again I do it gladly for my own father killed himself fearing his own mental health decline and so I know a lot about this issue and I can say without any question that suicide, as we understand commonly (not as a way to kill your enemies as Samson did), is a coward’s way of dealing with the stresses of life, our mental decline, and the pains of injury and disease; something which we all deal with as we age, but which only a few of us do not have the courage to face. If you want to see the ravings of a devil that endorses suicide check out…

This is only such example that I will be exposing on my website regularly of the hypocrisy of “conservative” media which proports to be conservative when it is not. When will “conservative” media outlets stop employing satanic writers possessed by evil spirits that appeal to emotion to endorse government programs which devalue human life and murder the innocent? And when will they employ far better writers who promote conservative values instead of two-bit hacks from the talentless pool offered by the journalism schools of the communist muck-rakers? And when will the American populous mature enough to recognize wolves in sheep’s clothing immediately by their voices as soon as they howl instead of bleat and when will they start boycotting the supposed conservative media outlets that employ and give platforms to these writers? And when will Christians with meager capital (which is all it would take) start media outlets of their own that are truly conservative endorsing traditional values and Biblical positions on political issues employing writers that know the scriptures and history and politics who refuse to hold back their criticism of the pagan and communist culture we now live in? How many truly conservative writers could be employed who currently can not pay their bills if such an effort were undertaken. How many websites, newspapers, television stations, radio stations, and book publishers could be started with such a vision in mind? And how many people could be employed by such media empires? We will never know, because Christians do not demand a higher standard of journalism than what is being offered now.

Another example: Breitbart endorses atheism and Satanism…

Another example: Breitbart publishes article from Justin Dent of

GenFKD publishes works by feminists promoting “pay equality”. GenFKD is a subdivision of

Actually the structuring is like a front group (typical tactic of leftist organizations). The website layout for the two sites is almost the same and it is staffed with some of the same people. Check it out… and

A quick perusal of their articles prove they are progressive, not conservative organizations.

For example: GenFKD and YoungAmerica toes the standard feminist lines. They advocate a gender-fluid society, use feminist catch phrases like “problematic” to refer to the supposed imbalance of gender pay-scales (which have already been proven to be on par with each other once all factors are considered) and they are agitating for placing women into STEM fields. (See the work of their writer Kelsey Marie Clark ( who also writes for

This is typical of the ploy so-called conservatives fall for again and again. It never ceases to amaze me that somebody was paid by Breitbart and/or at Breitbart to ram this kind of crap down their conservative readers throats while real conservative writers starve.

It is unlikely the staff at is just naive. I do not think Andrew Breitbart would have been traitorous to the conservative cause, but the people in charge since his death at the site he founded certainly are.

Appealing to female college-grad “millenials” by selling out men (who can actually program computers unlike women) to the feminist led human resource departments of progressive corporations that run social media sites that produce absolutely nothing (not even the content that brings users to the site – that content is made by the users themselves) isn’t going to get us anything other than flooding the tech market with cheap and incompetent female tech-labour (which of course is the idea – a fresh supply of non-unionized workers for the tech industry and wealth redistribution from men (the inventors and innovators) to women (the consumers and users) and an immediate cessation of any real innovation to freeze the development of technology at the point in history where those corporations have the financial and political power and influence over the world as a whole and over politicians particularly).

And of course; Christians and mandatory social issues for us to champion to become a prosperous and God-blessed nation are once again thrown under the bus and sacrificed at the altar of cheap labour and the almighty dollar $$$.

Below I have provided articles to prove the agenda and show the connection between corporate forces (note the Home Depot co-founders influence in the fifth article listed). But in case you don’t get it here’s an exact quote from the second article listed, “Regardless of the politics involved, we expect more from America’s most progressive companies. The same innovators leading America’s tech revolution are also accepting gender roles contrived when T.V. programming was in black and white and homosexuality was considered a sin. How innovative is that, really? ¶ What do you think of the gender inequality in Silicon Valley?”

The modern sort of corporate cheap-labour suppliers and neo-union bosses are as easy to identify by the doubts they foster about the place of unions and repeated emphasis on a service based economy and tech based or information technology based economy (desk jobs woman can do) instead of a manufacturing based economy (actual physical labour assisted by heavy machinery that women are terrified of). We will see how these supposedly two groups (GenFKD and YoungAmerica) hinge on tech-worker-visas, Indian immigrants being hired by the tech industry, and ultimately amnesty. If America’s tech sector is to be filled by generational Americans should not that tech sector be filled with the Americans that invented that technology (white-straight-Christian-men) and that know how to use it and improve it instead of foreigners or sodomites and women? We already know those organizations bias against the majority of Americans, but we’ll see if they prefer Americans over foreigners at large as they push more of their trash onto so-called conservative news sources like

In any case either trying to do away with unions by casting doubt on their usefulness or trying to control them by reorganizing them for a new economy or forming new ones is not the work of an economic educational organization as these organizations claim only to be.

I also find it suspicious that when one of their sources show that the pay gap is largely a perceived rather than an actual thing since other factors than the average wage have to be considered. ( – linked almost imperceptibly at the phrase “female-dominated industries” in the fourth article listed) they did not emphasis this or explore that further.

If their goal is to educate people surely the quotes from the study like, “Yes, men do earn more than women on average, but not that much more when they work the same job and they have similar experience and abilities…” and “…When you compare pay for men and women who are similarly qualified and working the same job, this gender pay gap typically drops below the ~80 cents on the dollar figure often reported…” are pretty important aren’t they?

Especially when their own article’s supposed a 21 cent difference (second article listed) turns out to be false according to their own source. The actual highest difference appears to be four percent according to the study which would be of course 4 cents on the dollar ( I smell a patently dishonest feminist rat culture at and

As if that were not enough their anti-christian rhetoric condemns them flatly as typical money hungry anti-christs.

“Matthew 6:24 No man can serve two masters: for either he will hate the one, and love the other; or else he will hold to the one, and despise the other. Ye cannot serve God and mammon.”

And once again falls for it (or is in on it (see the section about their connection to Satanism above)). Something is seriously wrong over there. They need to clean house and get some new editors. They are beginning to flatly contradict themselves.

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