The Tale of Bricks

Men die around the world every single day doing labour jobs and nobody except their immediate family members are aware of it while entirely useless and selfish celebrities die from drug overdoses and the press emblazons their dishonourable names across every front page to make certain we stop and grieve and federal flags are lowered in their honour to our shame. The disparity could not be more discouraging to those labouring men if we tried (and perhaps the evidence suggests we are trying to discourage these men after all). Even an article trying to honour their labour and the sacrifice which they make for us simply calls one of these heroes, “The unnamed man.”

Everything you see around you was built by a man. It is the labour of men that have created civilization and the comforts of architecture and infrastructure. Women have built nothing. Six-thousand years of human history testify to the differences between the creative powers of the genders. Even the most fair examination of the equally crucial roles of the sexes shows a lopsided equation that resists solving. Women bear children, men bear burdens. Women are tasked with child care, men are tasked by slave masters. Women WITHOUT children are still expected to do no more hazardous work than that you find in an office. Men WITH children are expected to die as labourers and soldiers leaving their wives and children their scant and hard fought for assets and pension monies and to do it as a class without complaint.

We have a special tomb set aside to honour the unnamed soldier and we shower it with a wreath every year to remind us that some people who die for us will not be correctly identified nor given the honours due them. But many buildings you see on a daily basis are concrete tombs with no such yearly ritual of wreaths and upon whose faces are not written words to represent even some iconic nameless man to stand in the place of the willingly unknown and censored names of men who died digging and erecting their own graves. The only gift our society bestows upon the men for taking the great risk of the work that they do who then die erecting buildings and laying pipe and wire is PERHAPS hazard pay in the case of only the workers which are at highest risk or a rushed tax-payer flag ceremony at the funeral of the soldier that died in a war begun only to benefit the oppressive state neither of which can benefit the men once they are dead.

What is most infuriating however is that this is partly the pay of which the feminists complain which causes men as a class to earn more than women as a class while those feminists are bitching and complaining and conspiring to take away even that meager honour and perhaps the only one that the selfless men may be able to enjoy while they are alive while those feminists are sitting in the comfort of buildings that were built on concrete foundations mixed with men’s blood having in the place of lime the unadulterated calcium of men’s bones, and having in place of mortar and slime and pitch, the blood, sweat, and tears of a slave class. Men today are quite possibly treated no better by our society than the Jews were treated by the Egyptians who built for them the  treasure cities of Pithom and Raamses. We can not be certain. But we certainly know that today the slave class is massacred upon the stools of our births much more successfully now than then to the tale of three-thousand a day.

The problem of our apathy towards the men who die building things is so bad that I searched for statistics and could not find even the number of construction workers that die on the job on a yearly basis. Apparently exact numbers like that are not gathered nor calculated. It seems that for its purposes the government only roughly estimates the risk of working in a particular field with the formula of deaths per x amount of workers or compiles all work related deaths together to include women (who are at the lowest risk) and combining all industries together or isolating the numbers to one region to keep us from knowing what the real cost of infrastructure is in the lives of men. Even labour unions do not have the real numbers. And because of my historical understanding this comes as no surprise to me for the exact number of men who die building things is never called for by the heartless task masters holding the whips. I do believe that we should try to find out how many men die working in the field of construction apart from other fields however, because that unknown number of unnamed dead men is the tally of bricks with no straw that must be met to allow this society to continue and a full account must be given so that the cost of building a tower can be known (Luke 14:28).

And so I leave you with a rhetorical question; for there need not be any response to what I will ask for the answer will need not any thought. With this level of blatant disrespect shown to dead men by a society that claims to seek equality in a never ending overthrow of social order that mysteriously always keeps male labourers at the bottom of that hierarchy is it any wonder many men are going Galt?


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  10. [Addendum – Recent article linked by user @Don] – High suicide rates among construction workers –
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