Women are Predators Too

Because the media is always jumping at a chance to reinforce the communist party’s dogma they concoct new “narratives” that align with a set agenda. One such dogma is that the western world is unjust and that the eastern world of communism would be a utopia inverting the power structure empowering classes which are now oppressed so they can exact revenge. That dogma requires the narrative of the male being the gender which oppresses the female gender. The communist party hopes that with enough mass of attention on isolated incidents the media can leave an impression that western society oppress females systematically so that the population will not resist in the slightest the murder of men and the theft of their property by government agents. For these reasons incidents of males sexually abusing women is always highlighted while those of females sexually abusing men or each other is always swept under the rug. The way the media handles stories about teachers having sex with their students is just one of type of story that the state media feels deserves such a blatant double-standard. To counter the false narrative and false dogma of the communist party the website WND.com (World Net Daily) has been compiling a list of female teachers who had sexual relationships with their students that were criminally charged. The list is not exhaustive as you would suspect since most of these crimes are not reported by the victims or are suppressed by the schools or by the media who do not want the communist doctrine that an oppressive western patriarchy exists to be smashed. However even as brief as the list may be I would encourage you to take a look at the list on the original site and note that it currently thirteen pages long.

Another false narrative (and one men are the most likely to believe) is that only attractive female teachers are having sex with their students and that it somehow justifies the teacher’s actions as the students surely could not be victims if they had an opportunity to have sex with teachers as attractive as the apologists assume or judge those teachers to be. The list helps put that dangerous notion to rest as the accompanying photographs clearly show women who are both attractive and unattractive as having been successful in committing the same crimes or having been charged with doing so.

Female teachers who have been charged with having sex with students… http://www.wnd.com/2014/08/39783/

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