Blender Help

Blender is a great free 3d modeler, but it’s a little confusing and the fact they keep changing it doesn’t help. Those with a background in 3d modeling for video games have a hard time with it since we’re more used to things like 3dstudio max which gives us a lot of control for low poly editing. Invisible edges are a big problem for us because we need to turn those edges the way we want. To do this in blender we need to first create a simple box or whatever, enter edit mode, type A to select all, and then control-t to triangulate the faces, and then change our select mode to edges, select the edge we want, and then right click and rotate the edge CW. We constantly have to re-triangulate all the faces to keep doing this. It’s annoying. To create a new face go into select edge and select two edges opposite from each other and type F to fill the distance.

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