Setting Up Linux Evolution Email with AOL

I had some trouble setting up my Evolution email program in Linux for my AOL email, but these are the settings I used that worked for me.  I hope it helps you if you have trouble.

Go ahead and add a new Mail Account (if you already have one you can just click Edit-Preferences to get to a place where you can add a new one).

Click ADD and a screen that says MAIL CONFIGURATION will appear.  Click FORWARD.

Enter your full name (personal name) and AOL email address WITH the @ symbol and then click FORWARD

Click SERVER TYPE and choose POP

Set the SERVER to POP.AOL.COM all capital letters.

Set the USERNAME to the username you use for aol WITH the @ symbol so that it looks like a full email address.

Set AUTHENTICATION TYPE to Password.  Click FORWARD.  Click FORWARD again.

Now in the SENDING EMAIL screen…

Set the Server to SMTP.AOL.COM:587 all capital letters.

The “587” sets the port to 587 instead of the standard port used for SMTP which is 25 so this setting is something other than standard.

Now click the checkbox on that says SERVER REQUIRES AUTHENTICATION.  In the USERNAME box enter your username WITHOUT the @ symbol.  Click FORWARD.

Now give this account a name so that you can distinguish it from other email addresses you may use.  For example you could use something like MyAolEmail.  Now click FORWARD.  Click APPLY.

Now things should work.

I also recommend going back into the Edit-Preferences and going to the account you just made and clicking EDIT, then go to the RECEIVING OPTIONS tab and click LEAVE MESSAGES ON SERVER or your emails will be deleted from the server when you read them.

Have fun!

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