Vlad in Verdaccio

I started a painting quite a while ago that I haven’t done much with since. It’s Vlad Tepes; a copy of the painting in Ambras castle. I have to finish the pearls on his hat and then I can move onto the coloring stage. At this point it is still in verdaccio (green paint) which I did with Verona Green pigment and some pure titanium white and imitation ivory black (the black was added in stage 2). I left a white space underneath the painting as seen in the original which probably held or was to hold the prince’s name. I left it for a sense of authenticity. It’s on a 12×16 inch canvas. I’m not sure what has stopped me from working further on it. Perhaps just a lack of energy as the difficult parts are presented now to me (or maybe vampires don’t like their portrait painted), but if I can muster enough energy to work on it some more soon I will.

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