Atheism, Nazism, and Paganism – Deadly Ideologies

Recently we’ve seen a resurgence in Nazi ideology due to the purposeful genocide of the white race by Communist leaders who want to replace whites with darker skinned people and Muslims that are more easily controlled and more willing to accept Socialism than Christian whites are. This has led to a resurgence of not only Nazi ideology, but also of paganism and atheism because atheists see in the Muslim community irrational behaviors which they attribute to a belief in a god and those who sympathize with the Nazis often adopt the entire Nazi mythos invented by their propagandists which includes a false-history of the Germanic people in which Paganism plays a strong role. Christianity is viewed by Neo-nazis as being weak and unable to stand against Islam as it contains an element of passivism (an observation also made by Machiavelli) and Hitler mocked the Catholic images of a crucified Christ as he said it portrayed a weakness that he hated. The Nazi ideology was meant to galvanize and mobilize the German people for war even upon countries that were not actively engaged in war against the Germans. For this reason the Germans who early on embraced Luther as a nationalist leader and used the generic name of God to claim authority rejected Christianity and embraced Darwinian atheism when justifying aggression and embraced Nordic paganism when seeking spiritual inspiration for the German people. The frustration of dealing with the Muslim invasion of the West has led individuals as well as conservative writers to turn to Odin worship as they view Nordic gods as being strong and warlike. Of course they are ignorant of the God of the Bible who is the Lord of Hosts and a man of war, etc., but they don’t like his commandments in any case so they turn to the really vicious pagan gods who have no mercy or love to support violence so that they do not have to be held morally accountable to their gods for murder. I will probably write a lot about this subject in coming years as the problems are not going away and there is a lot of historical and religious topics that are interwoven in the discussion, but for now I thought it was prudent to point out some things I was able to learn about an attack in Sweden which occurred October 22nd [2015].

In this attack on a school a man named Anton Lundin-Pettersson used a sword while dressed in a black coat and helmet and mask and goggles. It is hard to tell from the photos provided by the media exactly what sort of helmet and mask and goggles they are. Perhaps it is a European military helmet and perhaps the googles and mask are the kind used by paintball competitors. But my research on Anton’s youtube channel and the videos he liked leads me to believe that the outfit was at least partially inspired  by a Swedish band that he liked called Ghost (called Ghost BC in the United States) as one of the videos that he liked was an interview with one of the members called Nameless Ghoul. Nameless Ghoul wears a black coat and mask as part of his costume as well as an inverted cross (black coats are seen in many of these mass casualty attacks as so they are part of a copy-cat pattern and so I don’t believe the coat was entirely inspired by the band). The band openly mocks Catholicism (which most people incorrectly think represent Christianity). This is significant because Anton also liked videos about atheism. In particular those made by a youtuber called The Amazing Atheist. The Amazing Atheist recently blamed Christians for their own martyrdom in a video about the UCC shooting. ( supposing that the Devil worshiper who killed them, Chris Harper Mercer, would have never known about the Devil if it were not for Christians and suggesting that the Christians should have denied Christ to save their own lives since heaven does not exist. The Amazing Atheist displayed enormous hate and bigotry against Christians blaming the victims of a mass shooting and yet here it appears that another Devil worshiper (or at least a person who very much likes a Devil worshiping band ( and Nazism (he had Nazi logos adorning his social media sites) and atheism (liked a number of videos by The Amazing Atheist himself) has killed some people in the same sort of attack that The Amazing Atheist blamed on Christians which featured Christians being singled out and killed (the UCC shooting by Chris Harper Mercer). While the motivations are not entirely known in the latest attack (the sword attack in Sweden by Anton Lundin-Pettersson) it appears the target of the attack were Muslims as the school that was attacked was mostly Muslim and so the Nazi ideological connection makes sense if racism or nationalism was the motivation. Furthermore the attack in Sweden makes gun control advocates like The Amazing Atheist look rather stupid as Anton used a sword and was stopped by a person with a gun. But the main point is that once again we see violence and justifications for violence from those supporting Nazism, Atheism, and Devil worship and so those deadly ideologies and their consequences is something we should be aware of and warn people to stay away from. ( &

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