Daily Grind

I’m working on the flats for Marvel’s Avengers and Captain America.  Little time to blog or paint, but I’ll try to get you guys some pics of my latest stuff.  The Chen portrait is done, but I have to wait for it to dry to a rock hard state and then apply another layer of pure oil to make sure the last layer of paint will have a little more gloss to it.  It will be available for a charity sale or auction as soon as it’s ready.  I’ve also finished an awesome portrait of Jennifer Connelly that will be for sale.  I’ll get you guys pics of that as well.  I’ve got a great portrait of Avril Lavigne that I’ve been working on but I need to work on the shape of the bridge of the nose before I finish it up.  The color looks great.  Also I’m mostly done with a portrait of Tom Welling that I’ve done, but I want it to have more flair before I call it truly finished.  There’s just not enough time in a person’s life to paint is there?

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