Chen and Family Arrives in America

We are so happy to have Chen Guangcheng and his family in the United States as

the most honourable guests our nation has ever had.  No leader in the

world has stood up to the fierce wrath of the Chinese government.  Even

our dear leader Obama does not have the courage to or desire to defy

them and Biden declared that we would not second guess China’s one

child policy.  Yet this humble blind man, who’s eyes can see the unborn

child in a woman’s womb, saw the horrors of abortion for what they are

and heeded the calling of God as their advocate.  Our nation is truly

blessed to have him as our guest.

Despite my regular work I am trying to paint a portrait of Chen Guangcheng on an 11×14 inch canvas board.  I am using lightfast pigments from with cold pressed linseed oil from Gamblin as the medium.  If the portrait can be finished and is of a reasonable quality I think I will attempt to auction it off or accept a single contribution for it and donate whatever proceeds to ChinaAid.Org the Christian organization which helped Chen and his family escape the communist country of China.

Chen’s nephew has been charged with murder and will need legal help and your prayers.  This fight is not over.  The persecution of Christians and political activists in China will not stop until communism is rejected by the whole of the Chinese people.

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