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Tip: If you want wordpress to store fewer revisions of each post/page change the wp-config.php (which should be in the root folder for wordpress) to read “define( ‘WP_POST_REVISIONS’, 3 );” where that line is found or by adding it if it does not exist. Other parameters if I understand the syntax correctly are..

true (default), -1: store every revision

false, 0: do not store any revisions (except the one autosave per post)

(int) > 0: store that many revisions (+1 autosave) per post. Old revisions are automatically deleted.

where instead of “3” you would use “-1” for the first option to store every revision (which is default for wordpress and is how wordpress is set if this line doesn’t exist at all in the wp-config.php file) and “0” would be the second option and any number with the “>” symbol next to a “0” would be the third.

Now next time you save a revision the database will clear any unwanted revisions.

RSS Error: WP HTTP Error: Failed to connect to Permission denied

If you are using WordPress and you get an error message like the one above (I used zeros instead of the actual IP address) I know how to fix it.  Whatever webhost you are using is setup to block outgoing connections.  Simply go into your control panel for your webhost (not your wordpress control panel, but instead the one used to control your domain) and unblock any outgoing connections that are listed that may be causing the problem.  In my webhost’s control panel, this setting is under the tab ADVANCED-OUTGOING CONNECTIONS.  If you can’t change these settings yourself you may have to contact your webhost and give them the information about the error message and have them unblock it.  I read that some people were having trouble with free webhosts blocking outgoing connections but once they upgraded their account the problem went away.  The purpose of these outgoing connections is to get news from WordPress news and I think it’s also used to update search engines about changes to your website.  Hope that helps.

If you are using word press and you get an Access Denied! error when trying to edit your page you may have certain ip addresses blocked from modifying your page remotely for security and yours has recently changed so you’ve been blocked from your own website.

If that’s the case it’s not hard to fix. Find out what your ip address is by going to google and entering “ip:” into the search engine.

This will return your ip address. Now go into your file manager or server’s files and go the wordpress directory then to your wp-admin then to your user directory and find a file called .htaccess

This is the file that is edited to block certain ip addresses from making changes to your website remotely.

If you see  a block of information that looks like this…

<Files wp-login.php>
Order Deny,Allow
Deny from All
Allow from

Where x represents a certain number which was your old ip address…

Modify the file to look like this…

<Files wp-login.php>
Order Deny,Allow
Deny from All
Allow from !.!.!.!

where the ! represent the numbers of your current ip address.

That should fix it. Remember that the .htaccess files are spread across the wordpress directories and you may only need to modify one depending on what directory you have been trying to protect. There is also one in the root directory of wordpress, but in this case the one I needed to modify was in the /wp-admin/user directory. The file there protects the wp-admin directory from modification by any users trying to modify it included an administrator remotely. Or at least that’s how I understand it. Hope that helps. If you have trouble administering just by modifying the .htaccess file which resides in the wp-admin directory also check to make sure that the one in the root directory is also correct.


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