Jeremiah Embs

Hi.  This is Jeremiah Embs, this is going to be my art blog once I figure all this out. Ugh, this is all new to me. I’m old school I guess. Blugs and twits are not my thing. Please be patient and I’ll have this up and running in no time. By the way, I’m using a webhost called freespeechwebhosting. It’s like a little over $100 a year, but boy it’s nice to have a real webhost.

I think it’s a great deal personally because it has tons of scripts to use like wordpress and unlimited space and traffic. I had to move to a real webhost because COX decided it wasn’t going to host free webpages anymore. Oh they love jacking up their prices while offering less don’t they?

By the way, check out my homepage at “Embs Computer Art” and download the FREE PDF KING JAMES BIBLE.

It took a while to put together and I need lots of people reading it as a way to prove the text.  If you notice an error go ahead and send me an email.  Feel free to post the PDF Bible on your own website or message board or torrent it, just as long as you make no changes to it.  Just get God’s word out there!

The purpose of the PDF Bible is not only to provide a digital Bible for free to everyone, but also to provide a file from which the entire Bible can be printed with a desktop printer and distributed.  The pages are formatted in a way that the whole Bible can be printed on regular 8.5×11 inch copy paper and bound together as a finished product.  This will allow missionaries and churches to become their own Bible printers without any setup costs. My current project is a PDF Concordance.  It’s going to take a while, but I hope to have it out by the end of February.  I’m going to have a lot of stuff on the page eventually that will be good for Bible study and maybe even some stuff for home-schoolers like a history curriculum.  This kind of localized printing is becoming very popular for missionaries and churches.  Some people wouldn’t see the benefit of printed material in the computer age, but people will always take a free item from people, whereas getting them to download something is more difficult.  If you hand them a Bible or a tract you know they’ve got it in their hands and they are excited to get something for free.  Plus (and this may come as a real shock to most of you) some people don’t own a computer and even those that do don’t always have internet access.  Plus, if the power is out, computers don’t work, plus taking a laptop computer to church isn’t cool at all.  It’s cumbersome and awkward.  Give me a real book any day.  I’ll probably talk a lot about the problems with E-books in another post.

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