Male Brain Inherently Superior

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Meme on Differences Between Male & Female Brains Posted on I decided to look into it.

“Synapses were quantified in the neuropil (i.e., avoiding the neuronal and glial somata, blood vessels, large dendrites, and myelinated axons) (23), and we found men to have a higher synaptic density in all layers (Fig. 1C). The smallest difference in density was found in layer II, in which the synaptic density was 18% higher in men than in women (Fig. 1 C), whereas the greatest difference was found in layer V, where the synaptic density in men was 52% higher than in women (678 million synapses per cubic millimeter plus). Considering all layers, men also have a significant higher average synaptic density of 12.9 x 108 per cubic millimeter, whereas in women it was 8.6 x 108 per cubic millimeter. Thus, there was a 33% difference in synaptic density between men and women.


“The most striking finding from the present study is that despite the well known anatomical and functional interindividual variability in the brain (e.g., refs. 24 and 25), we consistently observed a lower synaptic density in women in all cortical layers of the temporal neocortex. Because we examined only relatively few cases (four women and four men), we consider that these differences must therefore be very robust in the general population.”

  • More synapses translates into more computational capacity.

That’s conclusive people. The male brain is far superior than the female brain. Deal with biology.