History Help : Part One

In my spare time I will be adding historical notes to my site and I hope you enjoy them and find them of use. I’ll begin with a few opening remarks relevant to the news of the day.

Occupying communist forces like to rewrite and destroy history as part of an effort to create a “cultural revolution.” This has been done in every nation communists have overtaken (which is now every nation on earth) including Germany, Russia, China, Cuba, America, Britain, Israel, Japan, Poland, and so on.

Simple historical facts like names and dates are difficult to entirely erase from history books, and the historical record in general, because of the nature of printed materials which can been hidden from the eyes of the government through simple obscurity, but the reasons, causes, motivations, and natures of the events can be reinterpreted and corrupted incredibly easily through “re-education.” Good history books written in the modern age about things long ago which have no pro-communist bias are very difficult to obtain. Most modern history books (pretty much anything written after 1850) are nothing more than pure communist propaganda toeing the party line.

The destruction of American history began from the outset with pro-communist (or shall I say, pro-statist) newspapers immediately attacking the United States of America’s foundation and the effect was ramped up during the radical (read communist) reconstruction period after the civil war (the war between the Confederate States of America and the United States of America) during which the the southern States were subjected to federal tyranny under military occupation. Much of what is taught about the motivations of both sides during the civil war is incorrect and does not match the historical record of the documents from the period. In most history courses very little is taught about the tensions and violence over the issue of slavery preceding the outbreak of formal violence after secession for instance. And very little is taught about the laws and court rulings and admissions of new states into the union which kept slavery legal for so long in America. You can find most of that information in books of the subject however, but the information will be absent from the classroom as socialist conditioning and not academic achievement is what stressed in schools today, even at, or especially at, the college level.

As more original documents have been made available to the general public through the digitizing of archives our understanding of the civil war continues to expand and that is saying something since there has already been more written about the civil war than perhaps any war in history for many reasons. Some of those reasons are that the civil war was very well documented because printing and journalism had reached a peak during the period, lithographic maps were abundantly available and professional cartographers were regularly employed by the armies, and mass production had lowered the price of paper and ink which was made available through Christian charity groups to prisoners so that journals and correspondence letters written by non-officers during the period are still commonly found in homes throughout the country today.

However all of these newly available sources of information stand for nought if those sources of material are not read or if the communist re-interpretation of history is allowed to stand when it contradicts those sources. It is the responsibility of those people who have such information available to archive it in readily accessible formats and to compile it and it is the responsibility of authors to write about the conflict without bias to understand the war’s nature and its effects.

The radical reconstruction and occupation and suppression of the southern states and the ancestors of those who seceded continues today with the removal, banning, censorship, and destruction of Confederate flags and memorials. In previous generations it was understood that the armies, and the soldiers in those armies, of the Confederate States (whatever the motivations of the political leadership may have been) had fought with enough honour to have their memories honoured in those states which they defended. But the current trend is to dishonour the names of those whom the administration disagrees and punish political enemies wiping their names from the historical record defacing the images of people who died long ago.

That is not a Christian mentality. It is the mentality of the Moslem and the Communist. The Christian mentality is to honour the death of our enemies and we derive that mentality from the fact that Christ commanded us to give our enemies water to drink and to forgive those who have abused us. We are warned by God to not gloat over our enemies when they are defeated for God punishes the proud and may reconsider who he had favoured in previous conflicts.

Proverbs 24:17 Rejoice not when thine enemy falleth, and let not thine heart be glad when he stumbleth:
18 Lest the LORD see it, and it displease him, and he turn away his wrath from him.

Abraham Lincoln was far more conciliatory towards the Southern States during the period of reconstruction than his colleagues liked. After the assassination there was no one to constrain the wrath inflicted upon the south by northern politicians and military force was used to ravage the south politically, socially, financially, and ethnically. By standards today what occurred would be called genocide, but such is the aftermath of war.

However what is more disturbing is that over one-hundred years after that conflict the anger northern communists have towards the southern people, most of whom are Christians, and many of whom are negro, because they do not vote for the communist party endorsed candidates leads those communists to still inflict pain upon the southern states and people through unjust and unfair policies and systematic suppression and cultural destruction. The recent controversy over the Confederate Flag is just the most recent example for the same communists who burn the American Flag of the present day United States of America want to see the Confederate Flag barred from public and banned from sale.

So far many weak simpering companies who owe their wealth and status to the communist party have complied with the unreasonable demands of the Communist Party in removing something, which is in the America of today nothing more than a cultural symbol, from being available for purchase.

That symbol, like all flags, has significance to those who fly it and burn it and so flying a flag or burning one is an act of political and cultural expression and a matter of free speech and should be defended at all costs.

Would we allow an Irish or Scottish Flag to be banned from online stores by Britain or would we see that as an act of oppression by a tyranny? Would we allow the British to break up a march on St. Patrick’s day through the streets of Ireland because of the politics involved or would we say that such act violating the right to peaceably assemble was the ultimate expression of fascism in the United Kingdom? We all know the answers to those questions and so I ask another one. Do not all cultural people desire self rule and greater autonomy? They do. And so I ask another question. Why then are only those descended from the secessionists told their history and culture should be disbarred from public display? Is that not cultural repression of an indigenous people? By the communist’s own standards it is.

The vast majority of those who fly the Confederate Flag understand very little about why they are so badly hated by their oppressors. They know that they have never owned a slave, nor have their parents or grandparents. But they know that they are indeed hated and that the flag which most closely identifies them as a cultural group and unifies them is hated as well.

In the communist system every group of people are told they are entitled to their own history and culture as long as they toe the party line. But those who do not are told their culture and history is bad, corrupt, and evil. Time will tell as to whether that sort of shaming has the communist desired political effect on the Southern People of North America, but so far it has not. In fact resentment has been the only observable effect. Well that; and record breaking sales of Confederate Flags and Confederate Flag emblazoned merchandise through the outlets that still have them available.

In time to come I will have many articles about history and the civil war will be touched upon. There is certainly a lot to write about. As of now I leave you with a graphic which may offend some, and which may inspire others. However the intent is to stand up for freedom of speech, and to be provocative, and to challenge the status quo, which is the duty of every artist.

I ask that if the graphic offends you or inspires you to act yourself why? Do you actually know where it comes from, its origins, its meaning, and its history? Do you know what it means to different people and why some people could approve and other disapprove of it? Are you informed or ignorant? Are you biased or prejudiced or objective in your conclusions about it? Could you ever write something rational about it?

And if you were called upon to record the history of then or now could you accomplish the task without purposely corrupting history along a particular political line of thought? That is the task set before me as I give you my notes on history from time to time and I feel quite up to the challenge. I only wish more professional writers were willing to do the same so that more material was available on the subject that had more information than opinion.

That is the curse upon students of history. We know what we are reading is tainted at best and purely corrupt at worst. But we read on fascinated by the few truths hidden in the text and by the characters that shaped the world in those days.


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